PMCPOA Board of Directors

The nine-member PMCPOA Board of Directors is elected by the membership, with three new board members elected each year to serve three-year terms. The month following the election, officers are selected to head up the Board. The current Board is listed below.


Chair: William Gurtner
Vice Chair: Phyllis Throckmorton
Secretary: Sandy Browne
Treasurer: Bill Lewis
Bryan Skelly
John Cantley
Steven Burkett
Dianne Pennington
Peggy Hoyt-Voelker

The Oct. 13, 2018 recall election results are as follows: 530 voted to not recall; 468 voted to recall

To reach the PMC Board of directors, please email to
The General Manager works closely with the Board of Directors in managing PMCPOA, and oversees that association staff. To reach the GM, please email to
Want to Talk With the Board Chair? Here’s How.
If you would like to speak with the Chair of the PMC Board of Directors, there is a way in which to do so. To book some one-on-one time with Board Chair William Gurtner, you can contact the Business Office to schedule an appointment, or use the members’ login below. Visits will be booked in 15-minute increments. This is the members’ chance to vent, inform, question, enlighten, propose a solution or put an end to issues and concerns they believe the Board should know about.

All required documentation regarding the Board of Directors is available for viewing in the Business Office.