PMCPOA Governing Documents & Other Important Documents

Here are the current documents that govern PMCPOA

PMCPOA Articles of Incorporation — October 1975
Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) — January 2011
Bylaws — Ratified by Members on June 20, 2020
Association Rule Article 21 Environmental Control Code — Jan. 18, 2020
Association Rules — Ratified Sept. 19, 2020
Election Policy and Procedures - Feb. 15, 2020
General Notice of 2020 Election Procedures, Article 20

Clubhouse Remodeling Project:

Clubhouse Renovation Conceptual Plans, October 2020

To view first-floor plans, please click here.
To view second-floor plans, please click here.

To view the first set of conceptual drawings of the Clubhouse Renovation Project presented by architect Gwynn Pugh, please click here.

To view the Clubhouse Remodeling Project Master Plan Phasing Cost Estimates, please click here.

Other Important PMCPOA Documents

Current Five-Year Strategic Plan — July 2016
Audit Report and Financial Statement — June 2016
To view the  Fiscal Year 2019-2020 User Fee Schedule, please click here.
To view the 2020-2021 Rules Violation Fine/Penalty Schedule, please click here.
To view the Delinquency and Collections Policy -- Internal Dispute Resolution Document, please click here.

Informational Pamphlets

PMCPOA Governing Documents
PMCPOA Budget & Finance
PMCPOA Reserve Fund
PMCPOA Emergency Preparedness and Safety
PMCPOA Amenities
"You Live in a POA: What Does That Mean?"