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Sept. 29, 2020
Halloween Safety Tips by Cal Fire

Tips for choosing the right costumes:
▪ Purchase costumes made of flame-retardant material (Check the label).
▪ Keep hemlines short enough to prevent tripping and avoid loose, baggy sleeves, or billowing skirts.
▪ To be seen easily, costumes should be made of a light-color material.
▪ Use glow-in-the-dark reflective tape on your costume.
▪ Use make-up rather than masks, which could obstruct vision.
Tips for Halloween night:
▪ Use battery powered lights -- never use candles to light jack-o’-lanterns.
▪ Instruct children to stay away from open flames.
▪ Remove objects from the yard that present a hazard to children (garden tools, hoses, etc.).
▪ Be extremely careful with cornstalks and other harvest season items. Keep them away from sources of heat. Don’t let them block doorways or stairs.
▪ Do not allow children to carry sharp sticks or other objects that could cause injury to themselves or to others.
▪ If you are driving on Halloween, take care...watch out for trick-or-treaters who will be too busy to watch out for you.
▪ Closely inspect all candy before allowing children to eat it. Discard any unwrapped treats from a stranger. If in doubt, throw it out.

Sept. 28, 2020

Pool Update for the week of 09/21/2020
Our project is progressing very well :
* The rough electrical, plumbing, fire sprinklers, and structure have all passed inspection.
* The 2" water main line to the pool structure, irrigation, and pool equipment is completed.
* The sewer line from the pool structure to the septic tank is installed and the trench has been backfilled. Asphalt will be installed within 2 weeks.
* The design for the stairs and ADA ramp from the balcony overlooking the pool have been approved by Kern County and permitted
* The design for the shade structure at the West side of the pool has been approved by Kern County and permitted.
* The hand rail design has been approved and workers will begin installation this week. After installation, the North ADA ramp will be accessible to all members and guests to the upper deck and lounge.
* The pool structural steel (rebar) will be completed on Tuesday, September 29th.
* The pool gunite installation is scheduled for October 8th.
* Pool bathroom tile size and color for floors and walls have been approved.
* Drywall and siding installation for the pool structure will begin by the end of the week.
* The Trex decking and rai!ing on the pool balcony will be installed within the next 2 weeks.
* The RFID lock program (pool gate security /locks) ) will be installed into the clubhouse office computer this week and staff training on the new system will be scheduled.
* FYI: The pool depth will be 3 1/2 foot deep at each end and 5 foot deep at the center of the pool. ADA approved lifts will be installed at the Jacuzzi and the pool for the disabled. Men and women restrooms will be provided with a separate private changing room.

Sept. 23, 2020

To participate in a survey for the Frazier Mountain Community Health Center, please click here.

Pool Update: Sept. 21, 2020

The fire sprinklers were inspected by the fire department on Thursday.
* The new pool bathroom structure, electrical, and plumbing were inspected on Friday (9-18-20).
* The pool has been prepared for the steel rebar reinforcement. The rebar is scheduled to be installed this week.
* Main underground electrical and water lines are currently being installed and should be completed this week.
* The weatherproof coating has been completed on the deck overlooking the pool. The deck is now ready for the gray Trex decking installation.
* The pool water line tile has been approved. The tile will be a beautiful blue /brown porcelain. Porcelain is best suited for our cold-weather conditions in PMC.
* We are in the process of selecting the size and color of the floor and wall tile in the pool bathrooms, dressing room, and exterior pool showers.
* Exterior siding colors and materials are being considered for appearance, fire rating, and low maintenance.
* The sewer pipe from the pool structure to the septic tank is scheduled to be installed this week. Excavation at the East side of the clubhouse began Monday, September 21st.
* The pool coping selection was approved and will be installed after the gunite. Coping is installed above the pool line tile and provides a smooth finish around the circumference of the pool and a separation of the concrete deck and pool.
* The five foot high pool fencing is scheduled to begin fabrication (off site). There will be a gate at both the East and West side of the pool with RFID electronic locks.
* The approved 2 RFID gate locks, computer program, and ID cards were ordered and received this week. Printing logos, etc. on the new RFID pool cards can be performed on the same printer as the current member cards. There is no need to purchase a separate printer.

Sept. 14, 2020

Pool Update Week of 09/07/2020:
* The health department conducted a pre-gunite inspection on Thursday and the interior of the pool has been back-filled.
* The east deck extension structure and subfloor is complete and painted. Trex decking will be installed over the subfloor.
* The deck overlooking the pool is currently being coated with a waterproof membrane. The composite decking (Trex) will be installed when the coating process is complete.
* The new ADA North ramp coating is complete. Stairs with metal non slip treads will be constructed for all members and guests midway into the ADA ramp to the upper deck.
* The asphalt has been cut along the east side of the clubhouse to the septic tank. Trenching will begin next week for the sewer pipe installation.
* Deck rail options overlooking the pool are being considered for child safety, durability, low maintenance, and low view obstruction to the pool.
* The RFID pool gate locks (2) have been approved and will be ordered next week. These RFID locks are currently in use in many hotels nationwide.
* The LED interior pool lighting electrical has been completed.
* A new golf cart route at the north side of the clubhouse has been graded and a road base will be laid down to prevent dust. The golf cart route is temporary until phase 3 construction begins.
* Maintenance is currently landscaping and installing irrigation lines at the north side of the clubhouse along the new driveway. The driveway and new golf cart route will be open to the public when construction and landscaping are completed. Specific date to be determined.
* The new pool bathroom structure will provide five exterior showers, which have been installed. The trim will be installed after tile.

Sept. 8, 2020
Phase I and II Weekly Update

* The fire sprinkler "rough in" is complete in the new pool bathrooms and storage room.
* The East deck extension structure is complete and the subfloor will be installed next week.
* The new South ADA ramp and stairs are on hold contingent on engineering which should be completed next week. The ADA ramp will also accommodate all members and guests directly from the parking lot to the deck overlooking the pool.
* The new pool shade structure plans have completed plan check with a few corrections pertaining to the concrete footings.
* Electric service to the pool bathrooms, five outside pole lights, and pool equipment are scheduled to begin next week.
* Water service to the pool bathrooms, pool equipment, irrigation, and required hose bibs around the pool are scheduled to begin next week.
* The sewer line to the new pool bathrooms are scheduled for installation on September 14th.
* Pool plumbing and future solar "stub out" should be completed next week.
* The pool steel rebar installation is scheduled for September 21st.
* The pool gunite, which creates the actual form of the pool and jacuzzi, is scheduled for mid October.
* Pool pumps and filters from the previous pool will be utilized for the new pool. This equipment is somewhat new and will save money.
* Fence and gate fabrication around the new pool is scheduled to begin by the end of September. A state of the art RFID lock system is being
considered for pool safety, security, ADA, and tracking.
* The pool plaster will be white with blue mosaic tile (swim lanes) embedded into the bottom of the pool.
* Two ADA compliant lifts located at the pool and Jacuzzi will accommodate the handicapped.
* A new golf cart entrance to the pro shop and golf course is currently being designed to best accommodate our golfers.

Sept. 2, 2020

Wood Pellets from Let’s Live Local
Wood pellet deliveries into PMC began in August. Let's Live Local is currently ordering Golden Fire Pellets, a two-ton minimum, delivered to your driveway in PMC. You may order more than two tons. No orders will be placed in December, so order enough pellets to last through mid-January. Keep in mind, bad weather delays deliveries. To order pellets, call Vicky Kraft at 661-242-6988.

A new food program for Seniors (65+) it is through CAPK.

Food2Door will deliver 70 pounds of food including; milk, cheese, and fresh produce once a month to the door of any senior. Please help us spread the word by sharing this with the PMC community.
Those interested should call the FRC with the following information: Name and delivery address, phone number and any driver notes. We will refer the client the program coordinator, and then CAPK will contact the client.
If you know residents do not have a phone please gather their info, name and address and a message phone # and we will get them signed up.
Thank you,
Tammy Rowan, Executive Director Mountain Communities Family Resource Center
P.O. Box 1902
3015 Mt. Pinos Way, Suite 201
Frazier Park, CA 93225
Mobile: (760) 702-9826
Phone: (661) 245-4303
FAX: (661) 245-2516

PMCPOA Membership Survey

Dear Member,

The PMCPOA Planning Committee is deep in the planning for the next member survey. To help focus the questions of our survey, we are asking you to please fill out the attached form regarding what you feel are the strengths and weaknesses of the POA as well as any opportunities and threats you might foresee. Please keep your answers short, as we will be hand-reviewing responses to help generate questions on our survey.
Just click on the below link to complete the questionnaire.

PMC POA SWOT Questionnaire

Clubhouse Remodeling Project

To view the Clubhouse Remodeling Project (conceptual drawings of the Clubhouse Renovation Project presented by architect Gwynn Pugh), please click here.

To view the Clubhouse Remodeling Project Master Plan Phasing Cost Estimates, please click here.


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