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Non-Urgent Notices/Postings/Safety Tips/Phase 1 & 2 Construction Updates

Aug. 25, 2021

2021 Community Yard Sale Addresses
Saturday, Aug. 28 & Sunday Aug. 29
Wear Masks and Socially Distance
Please do not block neighbors’ driveways

13921 Yellowstone Dr.
2716 Hillcrest Ct.
2712 Tirol Dr
14332 Voltaire Dr.
2112 Glacier Dr. (Saturday Only)
15225 San Mortiz
15916 Mil Potrero
15121 Nesthorn Way
15524 Nesthorn Way
2513 Nadelhorn (Saturday Only)
14913 Ward Dr. (Saturday Only)
15916 Edgewood
16013 Edgewood
16317 Aleutian
16408 Aleutian
16516 Aleutian (Saturday Only)
16409 Grizzly
16412 Grizzly
2817 Everest
2805 Polar Way
2812 Kodiak Way
2528 Beechwood Way
2632 Beechwood Way
Basketball Court (Lampkin Park)
2041 Symonds
2108 Symonds
2413 Symonds (Saturday only)
2417 Symonds
2105 Pinewood Ct.
2313 Cypress Way
2412 Oakwood
2312 Ironwood Dr. (Saturday only)
2309 Fernwood Dr.
16725 Sequoia Way
2308 Cedarwood (Saturday Only)
2409 Cedarwood
2521 Cedarwood
2601 Cedarwood
2217 Maplewood (Saturday only)
2325 Saint Bernard
2333 Saint Bernard
2461 Antelope Way
2305 Woodland (Saturday only)
2001 Woodland
1720 Woodland (Saturday only)
1617 Woodland (Sunday only)
1825 Poplar Way (Sunday only)
15017 Chestnut Dr.
15432 Live Oak Way
1320 Linden Dr.
1808 Linden Dr.
1301 Azalea
1513 Bernina
1808 Bernina
1908 Bernina
2025 Bernina
2305 Rhine Ct.
1830 Matterhorn
1616 Lassen Way
1713 Lassen Way
1717 Dawn Ct.
15816 Zurich Way
2105 Zermatt (Saturday Only)
1800 Zermatt
1508 Zermatt
1424 Zermatt
1908 Pioneer Way
1916 Freeman
1920 Freeman
2316 Freeman
2320 Freeman


June 4, 2021

From the General Manager: Pool Update and Golf Carts for Sale
The pool is getting closer to opening. We are still waiting for the pool inspection and ADA inspection to make sure the driveway in front of the pool fence is ADA-compliant. We will announce dates of opening as soon as we have approval. This will be a fun summer!

We will be selling three golf carts by closed bid. They will be moved to the middle of the parking lot so that you may inspect them. They will be sold “As Is”. More information to follow on Monday, June, 7th. This will be by sealed bids.

PMC Archers Update
After a long layoff due to COVID and archery range refurbishment, it is time to have our first post-COVID archery tournament.
This tournament will have 2 competitions, Compound Bows and Conventional Bows.
1st, 2nd, and 3rd place medals will be awarded to the winners of both competitions!
Date: Saturday, July 10, 2021
Time: Check-in closes at 9:00am. Tournament will start by 9:15.
Place: PMC Archery Range
Who: All PMC Archers with a Archery Membership are invited to participate
RSVP: Please sign up for the Archery Tournament no later than 7/3/21 by responding to this email with the competitor name(s) and which competition(s) that you wish to enter.
Tournament Rules:
Compound Bows will shoot at the 40yd target. Conventional Bows will shoot at the 20yd target. Otherwise the rules will be the same for both competitions.
All Archers will shoot at a standard 10 ring, 40cm targets and will have 10 flights of 3 arrows each.
Hits to the center ring counts as 10 points (a total of 300 maximum points are possible over the 10 flights).
Hits in rings away from the center reduces the score by 1 point for each ring.
If an arrow lands on the line separating the rings, it counts as the higher score between the two rings.
Archers will retrieve the arrows and record their scores with the scorekeeper after each flight.
After 10 flights are completed by each archer entered in the competition, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place archers will be announced.
In the event of a tie between potential medal winners, the tied competitors will be allowed 1 additional shot.
The archer who has the arrow closest to the center of the target will win any tiebreaker – This will be judged by the Archery Club Chairman.
In the event of no winner in the 1st tiebreaker, additional shot(s) will be awarded until the winner of the tiebreaker is determined.
Now get out to the range and practice, practice, practice!
Your Archery Club Chairman,
Bryan Skelly
P.S. Following the competition, there will be a quick meeting of the archery club membership to discuss future events.

June 1, 2021

A ReadyKern Message
Kern County Public Health wants to inform you of the Governor’s new cash incentive program for getting vaccinated against COVID-19.
As of May 27, the next two million people who begin and complete their vaccination series will be eligible for a $50 gift card.
Additionally, on June 15, the State will be conducting a random drawing to select 10 people who have had at least one dose of the COVID vaccine to win $1.5 million each.
The prize money will be paid after the winner has completed their vaccination series.
Also, on Friday, June 4th and Friday, June 11th, the State will conduct random drawings to select 15 people each drawing to win $50,000 each, for a total of 30 people.
For additional information on this incentive program please visit kernpublichealth.com. Please call 1-833-422-4255 or visit myturn.ca.gov to schedule an appointment. Thank you and stay safe!

May 18, 2021

MCFRC Served 68 PMC Seniors in Past Year
The Mountain Communities Family Resource Center has released a PMC Seniors Report that itemizes all the services provided to seniors in Pine Mountain Club. According to the report, MCFRC has served 68 seniors here, using just $2,535.91 of the PMC Seniors (Aging in Place) Fund in the first year of the project.
Due to the pandemic, the MCFRC has been successful in bringing more than $72,000 into the mountain communities over the past year, from varied sources such as FEMA, Zions Bancorporation and the California Family Resource Association, primarily to provide food and rental/utility assistance. In doing so, MCFRC has been able to preserve a large amount of the PMC Seniors Fund for future use, when these emergency resources are no longer as plentiful.
MCFRC has created a chart breaking down the resources and services the organization has provided. At this point, the fund has not been used to pay staff time to provide these services. To see more details and view a breakdown of services, please click here.

May 14, 2021

At long last, the pool is being plastered today! The pool will start filling with water this afternoon or tomorrow. This is so exciting. Pictures are included below.
Photo of swimming pool being plastered, close up
Photo of pool plastering with smoothing tools
Photo of pool plastering from afar

May 4, 2021

Mother's Day, Sunday May 9
For Mother’s Day, on Sunday the 9th, the Condor Café will be serving breakfast and lunch upstairs in the Lounge from 8am-2pm. In addition to the regular breakfast and lunch menus, they will have a full bar available, including Bloody Marys, Margaritas and Mimosa’s. Walk-ins are welcome, but reservations are requested. Please call the café at 661-242-2233 to make reservations.

April 15, 2021

The PMC Earth Day Cleanup will take place on Thursday, April 22. To view the flyer, please click here.

April 6, 2021

The Victory-4-Victims 10K, 5K, Kids' Race and Dog Walk will take place on April 24 in PMC. To view the flyer, please click here.

The Kern Fire Safe Council and Western Propane, along with the Kern County Fire Department, will present a Propane Safety Webinar on Tuesday, April 27 from 5-6 p.m. Tune in to FacebookLive at kernfiresafe, or on Zoom. Call 661-246-3955 or email to info@kernfiresafecouncil.org for details. To view the flyer, please click here.

April 3, 2021

Cafe Open on Easter
The Condor Café will be open on Easter Sunday for breakfast and lunch upstairs in the Lounge and both outside decks will be open..
Besides the regular breakfast and lunch menu, we will also have Mimosas, Bloody Marys and our Island Breeze Margarita drinks to have with your meal. Full bar service will also be available with your meal.
Reservations are highly recommended! Call 661-242-2233.

March 31, 2021

Cafe and Lounge Updates
Welcome Back!
Indoor seating is wonderful! The new and improved lounge is here!
Come visit and enjoy our new staff; Megan, Brittany and Cindy. The lounge is now offering new specialty house cocktails, including our Blood Orange Margarita. We now have a beer sampler, which includes four of our drafts, and will have all of your regular favorites from before in the bottle. Bar drink service is still only with dinners at this time.
Our kitchen offers a rotating dinner menu, with new items to be enjoyed each week. We also have new desserts available, including a warm chocolate chip cookie rolled in ice cream and a white chocolate raspberry NY style cheesecake. Kingsly and Erick will be excited to get your taste buds watering!
Please keep in mind that we do accept reservations for ALL sized parties. If you have parties of four or more people, we require a reservation. You can call the café any time during our hours of operation at 661-242-2233 to place your reservation with a server. Unfortunately, with our minimized capacity , we cannot guarantee seating to any guests beyond the capacity of our reserved seating and limited walk-ins.
We still offer food takeout and delivery. We are happy to serve you, and appreciate your patience with both our re-opening and our timeline for food to be delivered both to your table and home.
Stay tuned for our Sunday brunch, opening soon with mimosas, our Ultimate Bloody Mary, and our full bar. See you soon.

K.L. Shulman, General Manager & COO, PMCPOA, Inc.
(661) 242 3788


March 17, 2021

Regarding the abandoned AmeriGas Propane tanks left on properties.
To All Members: We have been in contact with AmeriGas and they are willing to remove the remaining tanks, so If you still have one or know anyone that still has an abandoned AmeriGas Propane Tank on their property, please don’t hesitate to call or send an email to the following phone number and/or email address with your Name, Address and Account number to:
Shawna Riordan,
Phone Number 610.768.3853
Email Address: customeradvocacy@AmeriGas.com
ATTENTION: Shawna Riordan
Also, if you know anyone that doesn’t have an email address, please give them the information so they can call AmeriGas.

March 9, 2021

Pool Update

* The pool entrance and stairs were poured on Tuesday, March 2nd. The existing concrete walkway and curb, adjacent to the parking lot, will be removed and replaced to complement the new pool entrance.
* The pool fencing should be completed and two gates installed during this week. The temporary fence will be removed by the end of this month.
* Programing the RFID gate locks and member pool cards will begin this month. The pool cards will be available to our members prior to the opening of the pool (exact date yet to be determined).
The RFID cards will be programmed to allow access to members only during the scheduled pool season and hours of operation.
* Handrails for the ADA ramp and stairs, at the pool entrance, are scheduled to begin installation this week and should be completed within two weeks.
* Landscaping and irrigation is currently being installed by our maintenance department adjacent to the golf course and parking lot.
* The metal roof on the pool equipment structure is currently being installed and should be completed next week.
* The pool pumps, filters, and heater are scheduled to begin installation this week.
* Lane tiles on the bottom of the pool are scheduled to be installed within the next two weeks (weather permitting). Pool plastering is scheduled for the end of this month after the health department inspection and approvals. Afterward, Harper Pools will monitor the pool and train our maintenance department for a period of one month after the pool is completed.
* The pool patio, at the entrance of the pool, will utilize a series of retractable shade cloths. The shade cloths are scheduled to be installed by mid April and will have a ten-year manufacturer's warranty.
* The entire phase I and II construction and pool project is projected to be completed by the end of this month. (Subject to weather and county approvals). The contractors and maintenance department have done a tremendous job in providing our members with a great amenity that we can all be proud of.

March 3, 2021

* The final concrete deck and equipment room pour has been completed. The pool entrance steps are scheduled to be poured this week.
* Work has begun on the golf ball screen at the east side of the pool. The supporting poles have been installed and the screen will be installed when the screen is available from the manufacturer.
* Pool fencing and gates will be completed after the pool entrance steps and ADA access are poured next week.
* All exterior painting throughout the project will be completed next week.
* Pool equipment (pumps, filters and heater) will be delivered next week and are scheduled to be installed by mid-March.
* The pool gunite is currently being prepped for the installation of the "lane tiles," which will be installed on the bottom of the pool for lap swimming. In addition, several diving platforms for lap swimmers will be installed at the south edge of the pool.
* Light dimming sheets will be installed under the lenses of the exterior clubhouse lights to soften the brightness of the new LED lights. The dimming sheets are on order and will installed upon delivery.
Photos by Linda Jassim – a big thank you to Linda!
New Pool photo 1
Our new pool.
Photo of ADA ramp and deck outside of Condor Room overlooking pool.

ADA ramp and deck outside of the Condor Room overlooking the pool.

Photo of view from the new deck overlooking the pool and out to the beautiful mountains.

View from the new deck overlooking the pool and out to the beautiful mountains.
Photo of deck overlooking the pool.
Deck overlooking the pool.
Photo of ADA ramp to new upper deck overlooking the pool.
ADA ramp to new upper deck overlooking the pool.
Photo of shade structure.
Shade Structure.
Photo of tiled outdoor showers and indoor storage room.
The tiled area is outdoor showers. The room inside is a storage room.
Photo of one of the restrooms.

One of the restrooms.

Feb. 24, 2021

Pool Update
* The final concrete deck pour was delayed last week due to frozen ground. The north tennis court green screen was removed to allow the sun to thaw and dry out the ground. The final pour is now scheduled for this week (2/22), which is forecasted to have warmer weather. The entrance steps, deck and equipment room floor will be poured concurrently.
* Fence panels are currently being installed and will be completed after the final deck pour.
* Large, prefabricated rain gutters have been installed on the new structure to manage water runoff from the pool balcony.
* Metal handrails on the new ADA ramp from the parking lot to the pool balcony are being installed and should be completed this week.
* The pool bathroom benches, hand driers and infant changing tables have been ordered and will be installed upon delivery.

Feb. 17, 2021

* Work continues on the concrete pool deck, which is nearly 80% complete. The main entrance stairs and the remaining deck are scheduled to be poured this week (weather-permitting).
* The pool equipment room roof framing is complete. A corrugated metal roof will be installed. The concrete floor is scheduled to be poured this week. Pool equipment (pumps, filters, and heaters) will be installed after the floor is complete.
* The ADA ramp handrails from the pool balcony to the parking lot are scheduled to be completed by the end of next week.
* The handrails at the East balcony stairs are complete and painted.
* The pool bathroom stalls and ADA grab bars are complete. Folding infant changing tables and benches will be installed in the women's bathroom and changing room.
* Several retractable canvas shade cloths will be installed on the patio roof at the West side of the pool. The shade cloth will be installed mid-April. The shade cloth has a 10-year warranty and will provide nearly 100% shade. In addition, the shade cloth can be depreciated and included in our Reserve Study.
* Harper Pools is currently installing the 5-foot fence panels around the circumference of the pool and is projected to be completed after the concrete pool deck is complete.
* Maintenance has completed the installation of the storm drains adjacent to the parking lot. The drains will enable the construction of the main pool entrance.
* The exterior LED lighting around the clubhouse is complete. Maintenance will set light timers as required for the clubhouse hours of operation. Dimmers are also being considered to "soften" the brightness of the light.

Feb. 10, 2021

* On-site construction suspended due to weather conditions from 1/25 - 2/1.
* Electricians were scheduled to work Tuesday, 2/2. On the upper deck, overlooking the pool, LED lights are installed and operative.
* The LED lights for both the North ADA and South ADA ramps are installed and operative.
* The tennis court lights have been temporarily wired during the construction project. The permanent wiring was scheduled to be complete by Friday, 2/5.
* All pole lights around the pool are complete and all lights are now operative. Lights should now be illuminated each night and automatically controlled by a light sensor.
* Bob Stowell's crew were back on the job on Wednesday, 2/3 to complete the ADA ramp & bathroom accessories.
* Work was scheduled to begin last week on the pool equipment roof (weather permitting).
* Maintenance was scheduled to install storm drains at the entrance of the pool by Friday (2/5) Backhoe was inoperative, but was scheduled to be repaired by Thursday, (2/4).
* Clubhouse rain downspouts are to be installed this week of (2/8). A second downspout will be added to manage water runoff.
* The shade structure shade cloth vs wood slats are under consideration by our architect, Gwynne Pugh. Gwynne is currently designing a metal housing for the shade cloth, which will shield the cloth from weather. He does not recommend wood slats.
* The concrete deck pour will continue as weather permits and temperatures rise.

Below are a few current photos of the new pool's progress:

Jan. 27, 2021

Pool Update
* A second deck pour around the Jacuzzi and a portion of the pool was completed last week. Additional work on the deck pour is contingent on weather conditions.
* Harper Pools is currently fabricating the pool fence and gates off-site at their headquarters in Bakersfield. As the weather conditions improve, the fence panels will be installed around the pool. Modifications to the fence had to be made to accommodate the new ADA ramp.
* The ADA ramp (adjacent to the clubhouse) painting is complete. Metal handrails are scheduled to be installed to complete the ramp.
* The concrete ADA ramp at the pool entrance, adjacent to the tennis courts, is complete minus the metal handrails, which are scheduled to be installed.
* Western Propane installed the propane tank next to the pool equipment structure at the east side of the tennis courts.
* Maintenance received the materials for the new storm drain system to be installed at the west side of the pool adjacent to the parking lot. The storm drain lines need to be installed prior to the concrete deck stair installation at the main entrance to the pool. Installation will begin next week (weather permitting).
* Work on the pool bathrooms can continue despite the poor weather conditions. Bathroom partitions are scheduled to be installed next week.

K.L. Shulman, General Manager & COO, PMCPOA, Inc.
(661) 242 3788

Dec. 19, 2021

Pool Update
The construction project and pool are progressing very well considering the challenges of 2020 (world-wide pandemic and weather). All good things take time, which, in the end, will give our members a wonderful new amenity that we can all be proud of. The quality and workmanship is excellent, which is a testament to our great contractors.
* The ADA ramp from the upper deck to the parking lot is nearly complete. Minor painting and metal hand rails still need to be completed. The ADA ramp is a modification from the original plan to install an ADA elevator that could only be used by handicapped individuals. The good news is that, by replacing the elevator with the ramp, the cost is nearly half as much and can be utilized by all members and guests throughout the year. When the project is complete, the clubhouse access will be in full ADA compliance, complete with two ADA, battery-operated lifts for both the pool and jacuzzi.
* The pool shade structure has been completed and painted.
* A portion of the pool deck was poured on Friday (1/15) at the east side of the pool, as well as a concrete ADA ramp next to the tennis courts for access to the pool deck. The deck will be poured in sections, which will continue next week.
* The two pool bathrooms are nearly complete. The interior bathroom partitions have been delivered and are scheduled to be installed next week.
* The outside pool "pre-showers" have been completed.
* Western Propane was scheduled to deliver the propane tank on Monday (1/18), which will service the one million btu (British thermal unit) pool heater. The tank will be equipped with an electronic transmitter, which will enable the propane company to monitor and fill the tanks as needed.
In addition, the old propane tanks servicing the clubhouse will also be retrofitted with the transmitters at no extra charge.
* The pool equipment (heater, pumps, filters, etc.) are scheduled to be installed after the deck and equipment roof is installed. Two filters from the old pool, which are fairly new, will be utilized for the new pool or the jacuzzi.
* The pool fence is currently being fabricated by Harper Pools. Most of the fence posts have been installed at the west and east sides of the pool with a concrete "continuous bench" for member seating. The new RFID security locks are being incorporated into the gates. RFID pool access cards will be available to all members prior to the opening of the pool in the spring.

K.L. Shulman, General Manager & COO, PMCPOA, Inc.
(661) 242 3788

Dec. 12, 2020

The Mountain Community Family Resource Center has been administering a Community Needs Assessment for the last couple of months. They would like to get more responses.
Share your opinion here: https://forms.gle/qZ4ZBv3Cq6JUZrSs5.
¡Comparte tu opinion! Evaluación de las necesidades de Frazier Mountain Community: https://forms.gle/tzH1NTjaASAUCLYFA
They would like the survey back by Dec. 31. Send it to the address in Lebec listed at the end of the survey.

Nov. 23, 2020

* The pool light poles and shade structure foundations passed inspection on Tuesday. The foundations are scheduled to be poured this week.
* The stairs from the pool balcony have been completed and painted.
* The safety gate on the North ADA ramp has been installed and the temporary construction
fence has been removed. The area North on the clubhouse is now open to members and
The new pool is progressing!

Meet the team behind the scenes:

Garry Kemmer (former PMC director): Project Manager

Gwynne Pugh (left): Architect / Bob Stowell (right): General Building Contractor

Construction Crew

Nov. 16, 2020

Pool Update
* The recent snow storm set back work on the installation of the pool coping (completed) and water line tile which is now completed also. The good news is that the snow helped compact the soil around the pool.
* The Trex decking on the pool balcony is being installed and should be completed this week.
* Work has begun on the foundation wall for the new ADA ramp from the pool balcony to the parking lot.
* The East balcony stairs should be completed this week.
* The pool bathroom tile is currently being installed. The shower tile is completed and compliments the green paint on the south side of the clubhouse.
* The safety gate at the North ADA ramp has been approved and ordered. The gate will be installed by our maintenance department. The ramp will be opened to members and guests after the gate is installed.
* A permit is required for the pool equipment structure. Construction of that structure will begin as soon as the permit is issued.
* A new 1000 gallon propane tank will be installed for the pool heater with an electronic level transmitter. Western Propane will also install the transmitters on the existing (2) propane tanks at the North side of the clubhouse at no extra charge. These devices will enable Western Propane to externally monitor all the propane levels at their main office and automatically fill when needed.

Nov. 12, 2020

Pool Update:
* Final grading has been completed around the perimeter of the pool.
* Pool coping installation around the perimeter of the pool will begin this week.
* Exterior and interior painting has been completed on the bathroom structure.
* The exterior pool shower wall tile has been completed.
* Interior tile is currently being installed.
* The stairs from the pool balcony are being built and should be completed this week.
* "Sleepers," which support the trex decking on the pool balcony, have been installed. The trex deck is scheduled to be installed this week.
* The Orange temporary fence has been removed at the North side of the clubhouse and replaced with a wood, painted fence.

Nov. 10, 2020

Please click on the link to access the Frazier Mountain Community Heath Survey.
They would like the survey back by December 31st. Send it to the address in Lebec listed at the end of the survey, or Go online at http://www.cstesurvey.org/EpiInfoWebSurvey/Home/cf92214e-846a-47ce-a76a-282a89d3cef5 to complete the survey

Nov. 9, 2020

Weekly Pool Update
* Final grading has been completed around the perimeter of the pool.
* Pool coping installation around the perimeter of the pool will begin this week.
* Exterior and interior painting has been completed on the bathroom structure.
* The exterior pool shower wall tile has been completed.
* Interior tile is currently being installed.
* The stairs from the pool balcony are being built and should be completed this week.
* "Sleepers," which support the trex decking on the pool balcony, have been installed. The trex deck is scheduled to be installed this week.
* The orange temporary fence has been removed at the north side of the clubhouse and replaced with a wood, painted fence.

Nov. 2, 2020

Update on Phase 1 & 2 for week of 10/26
* Great news...The pool gunite was completed last Thursday and looks great! This is a huge step forward for our project which will enable construction of the new ADA ramp from the pool balcony to the parking lot. In addition, coping, and waterline tile are scheduled for installation around the perimeter of the pool.

* The Allura siding on the pool restrooms has been completed and primed. Final paint should be completed this week.
* The stairs from the pool balcony should be completed by the end of this week.
* Pool restroom tile installation is scheduled to begin this week.
*The pool equipment roof structure will be custom built by our General contractor. A prefab metal structure was under consideration; however, the lead time required discouraged that option.
* The North ADA ramp construction has been completed. Before opening the ramp to members, a safety gate will be installed at the top of the ramp stairs.

* The temporary "orange barrier" adjacent to the pro shop will be replaced with a wooden fence to match the exterior of the clubhouse. This wooden fence will eventually be incorporated into the phase 3 project design.
* The water softener enclosure adjacent to the North ADA ramp has been completed by our maintenance department.

Oct. 29, 2020

Update on the PMC Dog Park
   As some of you know, the PMC Dog Park was severely damaged during the last heavy rain storm and there are now ongoing efforts to restore the park to make it bigger and better. PMCPOA has allocated extra space to the park area to make more room for the larger dogs to run and Kim Wickers has organized a fundraising effort to purchase new fencing, poles, etc. The association is also rebuilding the mountain side of the park to divert future rain storm runoff. There is additional information on Kim’s Facebook page and you may contact her if you have any questions.
   If you are interested in contributing to the Pine Mountain Club Dog Park fundraiser, there are two ways to do so; 1) You can visit Kim’s Facebook page to access the fundraising post, or 2) You can make a check payable to “PMCPOA” with “Dog Park donation” listed on the memo line and then deliver it directly to Kim or place inside an envelope addressed to “Kim Wickers c/o PMCPOA” and put it into the drop off box at the front door to the clubhouse. All contributions will be 100% directed to the Dog Park and any remaining funds will be used to help maintain the park area.
Thank you,
Bill Lewis II
PMCPOA Chairman

Pool Update
Exciting news! The pool is getting gunite today!

* Harper Pools secured ADA approvals and a pre-gunite inspection on Friday which was also approved.
* Gunite is scheduled to be "blown in" end of this week (a huge step forward for our project).
* A final grade will be completed around the pool by the end of this week which will enable the installation of the light poles, tennis court retaining wall, equipment enclosure, and the new ADA ramp from the balcony to the parking lot.
* The coping manufacturing has been completed and will be installed around the perimeter of the pool after gunite.
* Footings for the balcony stairs have been poured.
* Bathroom drywall has been primed and ready for tile installation which is scheduled for this week.
* Hand rails have been completed on the North ADA ramp.
* The exterior pool pavilion wall painting has been completed.
* Maintenance is currently installing irrigation lines and landscaping at the North side and entrance to the clubhouse which is nearly complete.
* Footings under the water softener enclosure have been poured and ready for sub-floor installation which will be constructed by our maintenance department.
* Siding on the exterior pool bathrooms is currently being installed. The siding will be a wood grain cement board (Allura) with 1" X 2" bats.
* The trex decking will be installed on the pool balcony after the siding is completed.
* The prefabricated metal pool equipment roof structure is still under consideration by management and our architect.
* Western Propane will relocate our existing propane tank, which serviced our old pool, to a new location adjacent to the pool equipment. The propane tank will service our new 2 million BTU ( British thermal unit) pool heater.
* The pool pumps from the old pool were initially considered to be relocated to the new pool; however, the electrical service at the new pool is "3 phase" which is not compatible with those pumps. Harper Pools will install new pumps at no additional charge.

Golf – Golf will go to winter hours next Sunday, November 1st, 9 am to 5 pm. Daylight Savings time ends and we move our clocks back 1 hour on Sunday.


In the 93222 zip code PMC is still at 6 cases with 5 recovered. 93225 has risen to 37 cases with 13 recovered.
Reported by Kern County Health Department, as of 10/27/20 there has been 99 more cases report for a total of 34,027 cases. 17,275 have recovered and 4 new deaths for a total of 420 reported deaths.

Condor Café – The Condor Café is now serving inside at 25%. Home deliveries from the Condor Café will stop on November 18th or the first snow, whichever comes first. Members can still pick up their food at the Café.

Veterans Day – Wednesday, November 11, 2020. The offices and Post Office will be closed. The Condor Café and Pro Shop will be opened.

K.L. Shulman, General Manager & COO, PMCPOA, Inc.
(661) 242 3788

Oct. 22, 2020

Good News: We will have more FREE Flu Shots available on Thursday November 5th, from 10am-12pm and 1-3pm at the PMC Clubhouse Parking lot. (Drive thru shots available if you prefer to remain in your vehicle.)

Oct. 19, 2020
Clubhouse Renovation Conceptual Plans, October 2020

To view first-floor plans, please click here.
To view second-floor plans, please click here.


* Harper Pools is still working through county requirements and inspections before the pool gunite is approved for installation. We are hoping to gunite this week.
* If all goes well with the gunite inspections, then all plumbing and electrical can be backfilled around the perimeter of the pool.
* After the gunite installation, a final grading will be done which which will enable the construction of the new ADA ramp from the balcony overlooking the pool to the parking lot. In addition, balcony stairs, pole lights, the tennis court retaining wall, storm drain lines, and the shade structure can begin work.
* The drywall finishing has been completed in the interior of the pool bathroom structure and is ready for paint and tile installation. Tile installation is scheduled to begin this week.
* The architect has completed the design of the pool structure exterior siding. Allura siding with vertical "bats" every 16" will be installed.
* All balcony posts and rails overlooking the pool have been painted and ready for the stainless steel ballasters.
* Trex decking is scheduled to be installed on the balcony this week. After deck installation, the stainless steel ballasts can be installed.
* The steel handrails at the North ADA ramp are currently being installed and painted. The horizontal handrails will complete the ADA requirements for the ramp.
* The pool coping manufacturing is nearly complete and will be ready for installation after gunite.
* The water line pool tile has been received and will be installed after the coping installation.
* The architect is currently investigating prefab metal structures that can be utilized over the pool equipment. The manufacturers can design and engineer the structure per our specs. The structure can be ordered after the block wall is installed by Harper Pools around the pool equipment.

Oct. 16, 2020

One of our long-time members recently found out that one of our earlier members, Ed Montgomery, recently passed away in the Palm Desert area where he was an assistant golf pro.
These are some of the highlights and contributions made by Ed Montgomery over the years:
* First golf pro ever hired by PMC
* Established the Junior Golf Program here
* Started the “Club Championship” Program
* While he was the golf pro, he was also the Recreation Director
* He worked with the Recreation Committee on many yearly events
* His son was born while he was living in PMC
* He started the Oktoberfest in 1975. They were very well-attended and enjoyed for many years.
He was well respected when he was here and we know that some of our long-time members would appreciate knowing about Mr. Montgomery.

Sept. 29, 2020
Halloween Safety Tips by Cal Fire

Tips for choosing the right costumes:
▪ Purchase costumes made of flame-retardant material (Check the label).
▪ Keep hemlines short enough to prevent tripping and avoid loose, baggy sleeves, or billowing skirts.
▪ To be seen easily, costumes should be made of a light-color material.
▪ Use glow-in-the-dark reflective tape on your costume.
▪ Use make-up rather than masks, which could obstruct vision.
Tips for Halloween night:
▪ Use battery powered lights -- never use candles to light jack-o’-lanterns.
▪ Instruct children to stay away from open flames.
▪ Remove objects from the yard that present a hazard to children (garden tools, hoses, etc.).
▪ Be extremely careful with cornstalks and other harvest season items. Keep them away from sources of heat. Don’t let them block doorways or stairs.
▪ Do not allow children to carry sharp sticks or other objects that could cause injury to themselves or to others.
▪ If you are driving on Halloween, take care...watch out for trick-or-treaters who will be too busy to watch out for you.
▪ Closely inspect all candy before allowing children to eat it. Discard any unwrapped treats from a stranger. If in doubt, throw it out.

Sept. 23, 2020

To participate in a survey for the Frazier Mountain Community Health Center, please click here.

Sept. 8, 2020

Phase I and II Weekly Update

* The fire sprinkler "rough in" is complete in the new pool bathrooms and storage room.
* The East deck extension structure is complete and the subfloor will be installed next week.
* The new South ADA ramp and stairs are on hold contingent on engineering which should be completed next week. The ADA ramp will also accommodate all members and guests directly from the parking lot to the deck overlooking the pool.
* The new pool shade structure plans have completed plan check with a few corrections pertaining to the concrete footings.
* Electric service to the pool bathrooms, five outside pole lights, and pool equipment are scheduled to begin next week.
* Water service to the pool bathrooms, pool equipment, irrigation, and required hose bibs around the pool are scheduled to begin next week.
* The sewer line to the new pool bathrooms are scheduled for installation on September 14th.
* Pool plumbing and future solar "stub out" should be completed next week.
* The pool steel rebar installation is scheduled for September 21st.
* The pool gunite, which creates the actual form of the pool and jacuzzi, is scheduled for mid October.
* Pool pumps and filters from the previous pool will be utilized for the new pool. This equipment is somewhat new and will save money.
* Fence and gate fabrication around the new pool is scheduled to begin by the end of September. A state of the art RFID lock system is being
considered for pool safety, security, ADA, and tracking.
* The pool plaster will be white with blue mosaic tile (swim lanes) embedded into the bottom of the pool.
* Two ADA compliant lifts located at the pool and Jacuzzi will accommodate the handicapped.
* A new golf cart entrance to the pro shop and golf course is currently being designed to best accommodate our golfers.

Sept. 2, 2020

Wood Pellets from Let’s Live Local
Wood pellet deliveries into PMC began in August. Let's Live Local is currently ordering Golden Fire Pellets, a two-ton minimum, delivered to your driveway in PMC. You may order more than two tons. No orders will be placed in December, so order enough pellets to last through mid-January. Keep in mind, bad weather delays deliveries. To order pellets, call Vicky Kraft at 661-242-6988.

A new food program for Seniors (65+) it is through CAPK.

Food2Door will deliver 70 pounds of food including; milk, cheese, and fresh produce once a month to the door of any senior. Please help us spread the word by sharing this with the PMC community.
Those interested should call the FRC with the following information: Name and delivery address, phone number and any driver notes. We will refer the client the program coordinator, and then CAPK will contact the client.
If you know residents do not have a phone please gather their info, name and address and a message phone # and we will get them signed up.
Thank you,
Tammy Rowan, Executive Director Mountain Communities Family Resource Center
P.O. Box 1902
3015 Mt. Pinos Way, Suite 201
Frazier Park, CA 93225
Mobile: (760) 702-9826
Phone: (661) 245-4303
FAX: (661) 245-2516

PMCPOA Membership Survey

Dear Member,

The PMCPOA Planning Committee is deep in the planning for the next member survey. To help focus the questions of our survey, we are asking you to please fill out the attached form regarding what you feel are the strengths and weaknesses of the POA as well as any opportunities and threats you might foresee. Please keep your answers short, as we will be hand-reviewing responses to help generate questions on our survey.
Just click on the below link to complete the questionnaire.

PMC POA SWOT Questionnaire

Clubhouse Remodeling Project

To view the Clubhouse Remodeling Project (conceptual drawings of the Clubhouse Renovation Project presented by architect Gwynn Pugh), please click here.

To view the Clubhouse Remodeling Project Master Plan Phasing Cost Estimates, please click here.


Links to Outside Emergency Agencies

Below are links to outside agencies that post information helpful to Pine Mountain Club residents. Please note that for situations that are non-emergencies to PMC, the Association receives information from these same sources. In situations that are immediate emergencies to Pine Mountain Club, the General Manager is in direct communications with emergency responders and will keep the membership informed through the ALERTS page and other means, including AM 1610.

Wildfire Information

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