Live stream of January 21st Board Meeting at 10am
You may access the live stream by clicking the link here.

On Saturday, January 21st, the open regular Board Meeting will be available to attend in person or via live stream. Once again, we will provide an opportunity for members attending virtually to provide comments or ask questions on specific agenda items via the "chat" feature. There will not be an opportunity at this meeting for "live comments" to be made virtually to the board and members in attendance. If you want to speak directly to the board, you will need to attend the meeting in person.

Members who join online must provide their name on screen as it appears on their property title and provide their tract/lot number within their first chat comment if and when they intend their submission to be recognized. The "chat" feature will not be used during the Member's Open Forum. Comments or questions on specific agenda items must be submitted at the appropriate time of the agenda item and not submitted in advance that require a scroll to locate. Submission of a comment or question does not ensure it will be addressed. Submissions should be limited to about 50 words. Brevity is encouraged.

As you may know, members in attendance at a live in-person meeting are not allowed to openly discuss matters amongst themselves which may disrupt the meeting depending on volume and do not necessarily get recorded. Similarly, chat conversations amongst the virtual participants for this upcoming meeting that are not directed to the board or chair could be disruptive to the online process and random questions occurring throughout a meeting to others will not be viewed by the board or members in attendance at the live meeting. Also, the online participants are not the only ones at risk of an unequal experience because directors and members at the live meeting will not be able to see all of what is being shared in the "chat" feature.

Please note this live stream is not a guaranteed method to view and hear parts of or the entire meeting and technical difficulties beyond our control or a member's control may occur that do not allow a member watching to fully experience the meeting during this second experiment.

Members are reminded that if they want to participate "live" with discussion or comment opportunities at this meeting, they must attend the meeting in person. The open meeting starts at 10:00 am. The agenda is posted on our website.


From the General Manager

“The Forest Service will be ticketing incursions onto Federal Land by private parties in the PMC area. This may include furniture, vehicles, etc. This review will only apply to those properties adjacent to the National Forrest which may include all of or portions of Polar, Cedarwood, Fernwood, Ironwood, top of Woodland, Azalea, Juniper, Yellowstone and Yellowstone Court.”

It has been brought to the GM’s attention by employees that some members/non-members are contacting our employees at home even in the middle of the night regarding association business. Please, do not contact employees at their homes. Patrol can be contacted 24/7 at 661-242-3857. If it is a true emergency, contact Patrol and they will contact the appropriate parties that need to be involved.
K.L. Shulman, CMCA
General Manager & COO
(661) 242 3788
[email protected]

PREPARE for the coming storm!
PMCPOA has put a large pile of sand behind the old fire station building (now the CERT building) on Symonds Drive for the purpose of making sand bags to protect your home from excessive water run off. Sand bags are available at the EC Office. Bring your own shovel.


Kern County Public Works Tree Removal
To update you, Kern County Public Works came and removed some trees. There was also a follow up conversation with them about other potential dangers that need clearing. As of December's meeting with them, they will be implementing a second job coordinated with the Forestry Service, Fire Division, Engineering Manager of Road Maintenance and the Public Works Maintenance Supervisor. These agencies will be working together to resolve this issue. Work is scheduled for the beginning of 2023, weather permitting.
This information is provided by BJ Saidi


Free Bus Rides
Kern Transit is offering FREE RIDES on all it’s buses in Kern County for the month of December! (The Whole Month!!!)
This includes our local Dial-a-Ride service, which can take you to and from any of the other Mountain Communities. (weather permitting)
From Frazier Park or Lebec, you can catch Route 130 to the Tejon Outlets, Bakersfield, or Santa Clarita. From Bakersfield, there are buses to Tehachapi, Lancaster, Mojave, Lake Isabella, and other locations in Kern County. Why not give it a try?
For Dial-a-Ride reservations to catch the bus to and from PMC call 1-800-323-2396, then press 1 for dispatch.
More Information is available at

Clubhouse Revitalization Project updates/progress report as of November 2022

Please click here to view a video of the Town Hall meeting held on Saturday, Nov. 12

Snowplowing Reminder

If any cars are parked on the street during a snowstorm, the street will not be plowed. Please do not park your cars at the end of the driveway. It doesn’t stop the berms from happening and your car could become damaged by the snow plow throwing snow. You are parking at your own risk.
The order of plowing are main streets to the highway first, then secondary streets and last is cul-de-sacs. Berms will be done after all the streets are plowed and cindered. Please do not call to have your berm removed. If you have an emergency, please call 911 and they will notify the association to make sure they can get into the driveway to help persons that need 911 assistance. An emergency is not a Dr. appointment which should be rescheduled if snow is coming. Our staff works 24 seven during a snow storm to clear the streets.
Please be patient and be safe.
K.L. Shulman, CMCA, General Manager & COO, PMCPOA, Inc.
(661) 242 3788
[email protected]


Garbage and Bears

Household trash – and that includes discarded food items and used food containers -- must not be deposited into the trash receptacles in Lampkin Park, around the clubhouse, at the tennis courts, the post office or Fern’s Lake, nor in the village – unless those receptacles are certified bear-safe – and most of them are not. The bears are visiting these receptacles looking for food because some members are not being conscientious of the problems and associated dangers, and these incidents could be considered feeding the wildlife. Please take your household trash to the Transfer Site.


Transfer Site
All of our employees at the Transfer Site appreciate our members' efforts in helping us maintain an efficient operation. However, it is important that we all follow instructions without arguing with the staff as it is disrespectful and impedes their ability to direct these operations.

To view alerts that were posted prior to October 2021, please click here.