Radio Safety Net Program
PMCPOA has implemented a new Radio Safety Net Program to connect volunteers with neighbors in need during emergencies. To view details about the program, please click the link above or call the RSN general information number at (661) 241-3754. 


Special Members' Meeting Taking Place Dec. 9
A special members’ meeting has been called for a vote on amendments to Bylaw 6.06 per petition submitted by members on Sept. 18, 2023. The meeting will take place on Saturday, Dec. 9, 2023 at 8am in the Condor Room. Click here to see the agenda.


From the General Manager in PMC Regarding Bears

Hello Members,
Most of you know that bears have been a serious challenge for the community this season. The POA has received many inquiries about how to mitigate property damage.
To clarify, PMC’s current EC Code 7.04 L states “ Electric fencing is not permitted, excluding pet parameter electric fences”.
Those of you who attended last week's presentation by CA Fish & Wildlife were told about products that can protect your structures. These electrified mats to be placed in front of doors and windows, or electrified bungee cord systems ARE allowed at PMC. They can provide options to protect your home, and do not require Environmental Control preapproval.
Here is a link to some of these products:
Watch a video here:
As shown on these pages, warning signs for humans are also provided. Thankfully, although we have smarter-than-the-average-bears here, they can’t read!
PMC strongly recommends a certified electrician install some of these items, particularly the wiring around windows and doors. You may also consider contacting your insurance provider to determine if there is any benefit under your policy to install any of these devices.
On behalf of the Board of Directors,
Todd F. Greisen, CACM, CMCA, AMS
General Manager & COO
(661) 242 3788
[email protected]


Bears in PMC
CA Fish & Wildlife Human/Bear Conflict Expert Warden Chris DeTar was in the Condor Room on Thursday, Aug. 3 at 10am to offer help and information about dealing with bears breaking into homes. Here is a link to the video of the meeting for those who were not able attend in person.


Winners of the Election for Board of Directors 2023

*Mark Bailey 653 Votes
*Brad Hudson 521 Votes
*Jennifer Emett 486 Votes
Shawn Coulter 437 Votes
Pam Plouffe 405 Votes
Steve Burkett 322 Votes

Although the proposed changes to Bylaws 10.02 and 10.03 were approved by the majority of voters, the number of votes cast did not equate to the two-thirds or more of the members in good standing required to ratify, so they did not pass.

During the special open Board Organizational Meeting, the following directors were elected to be officers:
Bill Lewis II, Chairman
Richard Ballard, Vice Chairman
Ellen McClellan, Treasurer
Carolyn Gilbert, Secretary

Video Links

Click here to view the video of the June 17, 2023 Annual Members and Organizational Meeting

Click here to view the video of the June 17, 2023 Open Board Meeting.


Snow Plowing
Please click here to review the updated PMC Snowplow policy, and to view a snowplowing status map.


Transfer Site
All of our employees at the Transfer Site appreciate our members' efforts in helping us maintain an efficient operation. However, it is important that we all follow instructions without arguing with the staff as it is disrespectful and impedes their ability to direct these operations.

To view alerts that were posted prior to October 2021, please click here.