Standing Committees

PMCPOA has a number of committees that have been formed to help with the management of various functions within the community, such as safety matters, social events, communications and more.

June 9, 2020

Committee Volunteering

It is that time of year again. We need volunteers to sign up for association committees. Committees shall serve at the pleasure and direction of the Board. The Board of Directors appreciates the community spirit created by and through association committees that our membership enjoys. We recognize that committees work hard for the Board of Directors, and they make valuable recommendations to the Board. As you are aware, the committees are governed by our Common Rules of All Committees, which can be found on the website. Is there something you would like to change in the Association? Sign up for the Governing Documents or Planning Committee.
Governing Documents
The purpose of Governing Documents Committee is to maintain and/or create the governing documents of this Association in accordance with current laws, codes and operating conditions. The governing documents are the articles of incorporation, the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’s) of the planned development known as Pine Mountain Club, the bylaws, the various rules and the business policies and procedures of the Association.
The purpose of the Planning committee is to advise the Board by updating the Strategic Plan and the Facilities Master Plan as well as conduct membership surveys on a broad variety of topics concerning the health and status of the Pine Mountain Club Property Association, for input into future planning and direction recommendations to the board.
Want to have more activities? Sign up for Recreation Committee. The purpose of the Recreation Committee is to serve as an advisory committee to the Board of Directors for a broad range of recreation events offered by PMCPOA for its members.
Budget & Finance
Do you have financial and budget experience? The Budget and Finance Committee is for you. The committee’s role is to advise the Board of Directors on all material aspects of the corporation’s financial reporting, control and audit functions, except those specifically related to the responsibilities of another standing committee of the Board. The Finance Committee’s role includes a particular focus on the qualitative aspects of financial reporting to members and on corporate processes for the management of business/financial risk and for compliance with significant applicable legal, ethical and regulatory requirements. The role also includes coordination with other Board committees and maintenance of strong, positive working relationships with management, auditors and other committee advisors.
The Communications Committee's purpose is to contribute to the communications of PMCPOA to implement, uphold, and fine-tune systems for conveying information to members. They also are responsible to host the annual Meet n’ Greet for new members.
Emergency Preparedness/CERT
Do you know what to do if PMCPOA had an earthquake, fire, any type of disaster or emergency? Would you want to help people? Then the Emergency Preparedness/Cert Committee is for you. The purpose of the Emergency Preparedness committee is to provide guidelines and direction for the community for all types of emergency preparedness through the approval of the Board of Directors.
Greens & Grounds
The Greens & Grounds Committee is committed to overseeing the management of the Pine Mountain Golf Club course and areas supported by the golf course maintenance staff including but not limited to: the Golf Course, Lampkin Park, Campground, Tennis Court, Baseball Field, RV Park and the Hiking Trail System on an ongoing basis to achieve optimum maintenance, usage and physical characteristics, and specifically as it relates to the Golf Course in accordance with the definition of responsibilities for a Greens Committee as outlined in the USGA Golf Handbook. They recommend action and provide input necessary for this purpose to the Board of Directors, PMC Management and where golf course play is involved, the Golf Club, the Golf Professional, and/or the Gold Course Superintendent.
Equestrian Committee
No, you don’t need to have a horse to be on this committee: The purpose of the Equestrian Committee is to provide access to and increase participation in equestrian activities at all levels by ensuring a high standard of excellence, safety and enjoyment.
Environmental Control
The Environmental Control Committee's purpose is to: Protect and preserve the environment as defined by the Environmental Control Directives.
Please call the Association for an application. Become part of your community. We need you.

Please note that during the COVID restrictions, some committees are meeting virtually via ZOOM, and others are dark. Please check with committee members about each specific committee.

Please click here to view Article 19, “Common Rules of All Committees”

To download a 2020 committee application, please click here.

To view a listing of all the committee meeting days, times and locations, click here.

The following committees are recognized by PMCPOA, with charters in place: