Dec. 28, 3:15pm
Due to the trash haulers not being able to come up here this week, the Transfer Site will not be able to take ashes until the end of next week. Thank you for understanding.

Dec. 28, 11am
Mil Potrero Highway is open and has been sanded.
We have heard that CHP is stopping people at the freeway and only allowing residents up to the mountain communities. This will cut down on the snow bunnies causing traffic jams.
Another storm is coming into our area on Sunday night into Monday.
Plows are out working as fast as they can; it's a lot of snow to move.

Dec. 27, 4:15pm
Northbound and Southbound 5 freeway is open.
The back road (Hudson Ranch Road) going out to the 166 and 33 is not open. It's not plowed and there is no cell phone service.
Plows are still working to get all PMC roads done.
The temperature is dropping now so the roads are really icing up.
Please use chains.

Dec. 27, 9:40am
Please be patient, the plow crew are working as fast as they can.  There is a lot of snow and it’s icy.
Everyone has a large berm in front of their driveway.  Here are a few #’s to call to get some help removing it for a fee. Wayde, 661-242-6963, Al, 661-809-3287, Ken, 661-242-1773, Ron, 805-888-1862 and the Christensen Brothers, 805-229-1159 . 
The 5 freeway is still closed.
Mil Potrero going out is very bad, about 2 inches of ice on the roads.  Please stay home if you can.
Chains are needed!!!
Please be prepared with chains, food, water and blankets in your car just in case, if you are trying to move around the mountain.
The Post office will open at 1pm today to hand out packages only.  No mail has been delivered to the mountain area due to the 5 freeway being closed.  

Dec. 26, 2019

Urgent!!  Very Important!!

Please do not play or sled in the streets, the plows and loaders can not stop fast and will slid right into you or your kids.  Please be safe and if you see anyone playing in the streets please tell them for their own safety. We have had a couple close calls already that could of been disastrous.

It’s snowing really heavy again, please be prepared with chains, food, water and blankets in your car just in case, if you are trying to move around the mountain.
Freeway is still closed.  
Lounge/Bar will be closed tonight.
The Band for Friday Night has cancelled.

We got a lot of snow…  Please have patience, the plows are working (24/7) as fast as they can and it is going to snow on and off all day today. Please stay home if you can.         
Please remember the plows will not plow your street if there are cars parked on the street.  
The roads here in PMC are very icy. Please note that the cinder will not be laid on the roadways until the snow storm has passed.
The 5 freeway is closed in both directions. The 166, 33 and 58 are also closed.  
The Post Office will be closed today due to the freeway being closed, as no mail can get delivered to our area.
The café will be closed today.
No Thursday night dinner tonight.
The Pro-shop is closed.