Thursday, June 30, 2022
10:00 a.m. – Pool Pavilion
1. Hearings


2022 Election Results:
The Ballots for the Board of Directors have been counted and winners are as follows:
Cam Acosta
Carolyn Gilbert
Philip Gabriel
All Bylaws have passed -- except 10.02 & 10.03 (due to lack of quorum; needs 2/3 of membership approval to pass)

Officers are:
Chair is Bill Lewis
Vice Chair is Phyllis Throckmorton
Secretary is Cam Acosta
Treasurer is Ellen McClellan

To view the entire Inspectors of Election Certification report, please click here.


Message from the Chairman regarding STR (Short-Term Rental) Working Group open meeting

The open meeting of the STR (Short Term Rental) Working Group scheduled for Saturday, June 11, has been indefinitely postponed due to potential litigation related to the rule change in Article 22 as it applies to AB3182 and Civil Code 4741. I understand one member claims she is unable to sell her home for the asking price specifically because of the rule change to Article 22 (Rule 22.03B) which prohibits new owners from operating STR's. I do not know what factors may be influencing potential buyers to purchase or not to purchase in PMC given what is occurring across the country that may include, but not limited to, overpricing of homes, high interest rates, gas prices, inflation, stock market, COVID, the war in Ukraine, employment stability, fear of a recession, low savings, and high debt.

On a related note, you might be interested to know that 43 homes have sold in PMC since January 16 this year and another 13 are now in escrow. In comparison, 7 homes sold in Pinon Pines, 28 sold in Frazier Park, 7 sold in Lebec, and 7 sold in Lake of the Woods. It is unknown to me if any sales outside of PMC were intended as full-time residencies or contingent on the ability to operate an STR. It might also be interesting for you to know the median sale prices were $399,000 in PMC, $286,000 in Frazier Park, $322,000 in Lebec, $288,000 in LOW, and $543,000 in Pinon Pines.

The working group will finalize a few existing minor tasks that were already in progress or near completion and do not relate to Civil Code 4741 and the economic viability review of the real estate market within PMC, and then their work will be suspended until further notice.

Bill Lewis II
PMCPOA Chairman

Important Reminder: Please mail in your election ballots if you have not already done so. It is very important that we meet our quorum. Ballots must be mailed via USPS to the Inspectors of Election.
Thank you!


Note Regarding Golf Carts
Please remember that driving rules apply to golf carts! Golf cart drivers have been seen running through stop signs in PMC. This is very dangerous!


Garbage and Bears
Household trash – and that includes discarded food items and used food containers -- must not be deposited into the trash receptacles in Lampkin Park, around the clubhouse, at the tennis courts, the post office or Fern’s Lake, nor in the village – unless those receptacles are certified bear-safe – and most of them are not. The bears are visiting these receptacles looking for food because some members are not being conscientious of the problems and associated dangers, and these incidents could be considered feeding the wildlife. Please take your household trash to the Transfer Site.


Transfer Site
All of our employees at the Transfer Site appreciate our members' efforts in helping us maintain an efficient operation. However, it is important that we all follow instructions without arguing with the staff as it is disrespectful and impedes their ability to direct these operations.

Oct. 4, 2021

The 2021 Five-Year Strategic Plan and the data results of the 2021 Strategic Plan Survey are available for viewing. Please click the links below.
2021 Five-Year Strategic Plan
2021 Strategic Plan Survey results data

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