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Non-Urgent Notices and Postings

July 28, 2020

Here is the list of 68 addresses and a map for this weekend's community yard sale. There is also a hard-copy of this list on the bench outside of the business office front door, for those who don't have a printer.
Address List

Notice from Mil Potrero Mutual Water Company:

Your Water Company MUST Meet A Quorum to Conduct This Election!
Failure to meet a quorum requires rescheduling the Shareholders' Meeting, increasing election costs to shareholders. If you have not mailed your proxy to the Inspector of Elections, please drop it off at the MPMWC Administrative Office, located at 16275 Askin Drive, Pine Mountain Club, CA 93222 by 9:45 a.m. on Saturday July 11, 2020 before the Annual Shareholder's Meeting.

Thank you!

Progress on the Pool

The removal of the pool and the grading for the new pool is completed. The pool contractor started on Tuesday, and the new pool and jacuzzi have been laid out on the ground, and construction is beginning. There have been quite a few issues uncovered during the grading, which are being fixed. There will be pictures of the construction as we continue on posted in the lobby for viewing as you pass through to the Condor Café or Lounge.

PMCPOA Membership Survey

Dear Member,

The PMCPOA Planning Committee is deep in the planning for the next member survey. To help focus the questions of our survey, we are asking you to please fill out the attached form regarding what you feel are the strengths and weaknesses of the POA as well as any opportunities and threats you might foresee. Please keep your answers short, as we will be hand-reviewing responses to help generate questions on our survey.
Just click on the below link to complete the questionnaire.

PMC POA SWOT Questionnaire

Clubhouse Remodeling Project

To view the Clubhouse Remodeling Project (conceptual drawings of the Clubhouse Renovation Project presented by architect Gwynn Pugh), please click here.

To view the Clubhouse Remodeling Project Master Plan Phasing Cost Estimates, please click here.


Links to Outside Emergency Agencies

Below are links to outside agencies that post information helpful to Pine Mountain Club residents. Please note that for situations that are non-emergencies to PMC, the Association receives information from these same sources. In situations that are immediate emergencies to Pine Mountain Club, the General Manager is in direct communications with emergency responders and will keep the membership informed through the ALERTS page and other means, including AM 1610.

Wildfire Information

Kern County fire updates, click here

Earthquakes and Weather Information

For earthquake updates, click here
For weather updates, please click here

Please remember to always dial 9-1-1 in an emergency.