Transfer Site

The PMCPOA Transfer Site is the place where members and their guests take garbage and recyclables. It is open seven days a week.
Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. daily
Open until 7 p.m. on Thursdays (during summer months only).
Please note that the Transfer Site is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas days.

Members: Please Help!

We cannot accept hot ashes at Transfer Site. Please water your ashes down before you place them in the large gray ash container.
We have received concerns from landfill staff that we are delivering hot ashes to the landfill. They cannot accept hot ashes due to resulting hazards. Hot ashes also cause problems for Mountain Disposal related to hauling. The landfill could begin refusing to receive ashes from PMCPOA. Once again, we ask for your help.
There is a new policy in place that the ash bin will be locked at all times. When you arrive at the Transfer Site with ashes, you will need to ask to have the bin be unlocked. If your ashes are hot, staff will ask you to water them down in your container prior to disposal.
Thank you!

The PMCPOA transfer site is a convenience offered to members and guests in lieu of driving to the dump in Lebec. It is free for members to use for trash and recyclables. There is also a green waste area for yard cuttings (but no noxious weeds!). There are, however, no facilities for construction debris. This waste must be transported to the Lebec site.
The transfer site is located at the end of Aleutian Street, by the equestrian stables. The site is open every day with the exception of several major holidays.
Please click here to view the Transfer Site rules.

Transfer Site
Transfer Site
Transfer Site
Transfer Site