Swimming Pool

The PMC pool will open for lap swim only on May 1, and for the season on May 24

2024 Pool Schedule
2024 Water Aerobics
2024 Swim Lessons


Soap in the Spa/Emergency Shut-off Switch

This is a reminder that we need your help keeping the quality of the spa water at its best. We’ve had recent occurrences of liquid soap being added to the water. Sorry, it is not a bathtub! This vandalism causes a lot of work for POA staff to recondition the water for proper use.

Also, there is a timer and emergency shut-off next to the spa. The timer is used for turning on/off the jets. Please do not use the emergency shut off - unless it is truly an emergency. This also affects the water quality.
Thank you for your cooperation. This helps us all enjoy this amenity!

Regarding STR's (Short Term Rentals)
If your STR guests want to use the pool, their reservation must be registered with the office and they must pay the $5.00 fee per day. No exceptions!

Also, no outside alcohol is permitted at the pool or at the Concerts. Coolers brought in are subject to inspection.

Pool Card Keys

* Your Pool card keys do not expire, they are good every year that you own your property. Please do not toss them out at the end of the year. They Cost $100 to replace.

* DO NOT HOLE-PUNCH YOUR POOL CARDS --This makes the cards inoperable/damaged. Pool Card Request Form states, “…if card is lost or damaged and agrees to pay the replacement cost of $100 per card…”

Please do not let your children play in the showers. They are for rinsing off only. Thank you.

Photo of new PMCPOA Pool

Photo of ribbon cutting of new pool
Former General Manager Karin Shulman and Chairman of the Board Bill Lewis II cut the ribbon to officially open the new PMCPOA pool in 2021.

Swimming Pool