Swimming Pool

The PMCPOA Swimming Pool is open for the season!

2023 Pool Schedule
2023 Water Aerobics


Regarding STR's (Short Term Rentals)
If your STR guests want to use the pool, their reservation must be registered with the office and they must pay the $5.00 fee per day. No exceptions!

Also, no outside alcohol is permitted at the pool or at the Concerts. Coolers brought in are subject to inspection.

Pool Card Keys

* Your Pool card keys do not expire, they are good every year that you own your property. Please do not toss them out at the end of the year. They Cost $100 to replace.

* DO NOT HOLE-PUNCH YOUR POOL CARDS --This makes the cards inoperable/damaged. Pool Card Request Form states, “…if card is lost or damaged and agrees to pay the replacement cost of $100 per card…”

Please do not let your children play in the showers. They are for rinsing off only. Thank you.

Note from the General Manager in June 2021:

Members and Guests,
Please see below, Association Rule 16.12:
16.12 All swimmers must wear swimsuits (no cut-offs). Dress must be consistent with, and appropriate for, a family-oriented environment. Appropriate clothing and/or swimwear shall be worn in the manner it was designed to be worn at all times. All swimmers with shoulder-length hair must be capped or otherwise controlled to the satisfaction of the recreation manager or lifeguards.
Please, no thong swimsuits. This is a family-oriented environment and we have not only members with children using the pool, but also guests. Please pass along to your guests that if they are in thong swimsuits they will be asked to cover up or go home to change. This is a family community and not a hotel or the beach.
K.L. Shulman, General Manager & COO, PMCPOA, Inc.
(661) 242 3788
[email protected]

Note from the General Manager in June 2021:

Some people are confused about the pool and guests. Rules are in the lobby along with the pool hours.
If you are a member you must have a member card, picture ID and pool gate card to enter the pool. Hopefully you have signed a Liability Waiver but if not, we will have you sign one at the pool. The waiver is nothing new. Every year that the pool is open, a waiver must be signed. The waiver is kept on file for one pool season. If you are under 14 years of age, the parent has to accompany the child to the pool and sign a waiver for the child. Children over 14 may come to the pool without a parent but must show their guest card with their name on it, have a pool waiver on file with a parents signature, pool card and a picture ID..
If a guest from an STR wants to use the pool, guests are supposed to be registered each time there is a new guest(s) with the office per Association Rule, Article 22 (rules can be found at pinemountainclub.net). All guest cards MUST have a name on the card, tract and lot number and expiration date. STR’s can buy guest cards for $5 each when they register their guests with the office or if you allow your guests to use the pool, they can come to the office and purchase a guest card for $5 as long as the owner has registered them at the office. If they are not registered with the office, your guests will be turned away.
If your guest is using a member card and the name does not match the picture ID, your guest will be turned away. A member with their member card can bring up to six people in on their member card. Please bring a picture ID.
The reason we are following the rules so tightly is that in past years, some members gave their guest cards to their friends who were not members paying an annual assessment and then reported their cards lost and received more guest cards. One member had about 20 guest cards floating around. Members have a right to expect their amenities to be used for members and their guests only.
Article 22 has been in place since July 2019.

K.L. Shulman, General Manager & COO, PMCPOA, Inc.
(661) 242 3788

[email protected]

Photo of new PMCPOA Pool

Photo of ribbon cutting of new pool
General Manager Karin Shulman and Chairman of the Board Bill Lewis II cut the ribbon to officially open the new PMCPOA pool in 2021.

Swimming Pool