Summer camps are back!

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Here is a description of the remaining classes. Sign up at the Business Office.

6/28-6/30: Rock Hounding 9-10:30am (Rec Room) $35 Ages 6-12
Rock displays, videos/short film on the history of how rocks are formed, & a talk about gemstones from a Diamond/Gemstone Expert. Then any Q & A. We will be heading over to the local park to do some sifting through mining dirt for your own gemstones/rocks finds.
Materials needed: Wearing clothes that can get dirt and mud on them.
We will start off by walking from the Clubhouse parking lot and walking the trails close by to see if we can find any local cool rocks and do some identifications of those finds.
Materials needed: Wearing enclosed shoes.

Golf: 7/6-7/8 & 8/3-8/5 9-10:30am $35 Ages 8-12
Learn the fundamentals of beginners golf

Art: 7/19-7/21 10am-12pm (Rec Room) $35
Entrance into drawing, learn how to doodle and make mosaics.

Guitar: 7/25-7/29 1:30-2:30pm (Condor Room) $35
Learn the fundamentals of beginners guitar.

Summer Dance Classes Offered at Clubhouse by Shelly Shaw
Shelly Shaw will offer Ballet/Cheer, Hip Hop and Polynesian dance classes at the Clubhouse.
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Summer Camps