Pine Mountain Gardeners

The Pine Mountain Garden Club planned, funded and built a community garden project in PMC, and have had several successful growing seasons. The name of the garden is “Heirloom Community Garden,” and the location is east of the playground area in Lampkin Park. The members grow organic and heirloom vegetables, herbs and edible flowers. The club raises money through a BBQ/Fundraiser to build additional amenities such as a shed and a gazebo in the garden.
The Club works closely with Mil Potrero Mutual Water Company to use water-saving irrigation techniques and rainwater catchment. The vision for this project is to enhance sustainability, and to be a model to other communities.
PMCPOA members are invited to join the “Pine Mountain Gardeners.” Yearly membership is $25.00 and yearly box rental is $40.00. The club meets on the second Saturday of the month at 3 p.m. in the Pool Pavilion March through October. Any interested parties can email President Terry Butler at or Secretary Lesley McCleery at