Pine Mountain Archers

June 4, 2021

PMC Archers Update from Archery Club Chairman Bryan Skelly
After a long layoff due to COVID and archery range refurbishment, it is time to have our first post-COVID archery tournament.
This tournament will have 2 competitions, Compound Bows and Conventional Bows.
1st, 2nd, and 3rd place medals will be awarded to the winners of both competitions!
Date: Saturday, July 10, 2021
Time: Check-in closes at 9:00am. Tournament will start by 9:15.
Place: PMC Archery Range
Who: All PMC Archers with a Archery Membership are invited to participate
RSVP: Please sign up for the Archery Tournament no later than 7/3/21 by responding to this email with the competitor name(s) and which competition(s) that you wish to enter.
Tournament Rules:
Compound Bows will shoot at the 40yd target. Conventional Bows will shoot at the 20yd target. Otherwise the rules will be the same for both competitions.
All Archers will shoot at a standard 10 ring, 40cm targets and will have 10 flights of 3 arrows each.
Hits to the center ring counts as 10 points (a total of 300 maximum points are possible over the 10 flights).
Hits in rings away from the center reduces the score by 1 point for each ring.
If an arrow lands on the line separating the rings, it counts as the higher score between the two rings.
Archers will retrieve the arrows and record their scores with the scorekeeper after each flight.
After 10 flights are completed by each archer entered in the competition, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place archers will be announced.
In the event of a tie between potential medal winners, the tied competitors will be allowed 1 additional shot.
The archer who has the arrow closest to the center of the target will win any tiebreaker – This will be judged by the Archery Club Chairman.
In the event of no winner in the 1st tiebreaker, additional shot(s) will be awarded until the winner of the tiebreaker is determined.
Now get out to the range and practice, practice, practice!
P.S. Following the competition, there will be a quick meeting of the archery club membership to discuss future events.

Archery Range Updates
The Archery Range was recently rebuilt by Bryan Skelly and George Tolbert. There are now new commercial targets at distances of 15 yards, 20 yards, 30 yards and 40 yards. The target enclosures are locked. You need to call the office for the combination for the locks if you do not already have it. Please, do not share the combination number with anyone not included in your archery membership. Only paid archery club members will get the combination to the locks.
On the back of the target enclosure stands, you will find a bracket to hook the lock around to keep the wind from closing the enclosure doors while shooting.