Pine Mountain Club Patrol

Patrol for the Pine Mountain Club Property Owners’ Association monitors the safety of the community by patrolling the neighborhoods and responding to calls by members. The Patrol Office is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. During non-business hours, the Patrol Office may be locked, however, a Patrol staff member can be reached by calling 661-242-3857.

Photo of Patrol truck

The main objectives of the patrol department are to enforce the association’s Rules and Regulations set forth by the governing documents and the CC&Rs, and to protect the association’s property. The officers have been made available to assist in minor emergencies (like bear and other wildlife issues, welfare checks, vacation checks) and to obtain needed help from our local first-responder agencies in times of a crisis.

When requested, our patrol officers have assisted local law enforcement agencies with traffic control situations, obtained and documented information, and reported criminal activities. Our officers do not carry firearms and do not possess peace officer powers. Still, they have helped Kern County and Ventura County law enforcement over the years in solving hundreds of local crimes, from misdemeanor to felony offenses. Sometimes, just the presence of the PMC patrol vehicle has and can interrupt or deter a crime in progress.

If members (or guests, tenants, lodgers) observe, suspect or are the victim of any criminal activity that is in progress or has been committed, it is recommended to first call 9-1-1 or directly call the Kern County Fire Department, Kern County Sheriff’s Office, or California Highway Patrol to report non-emergencies. After that initial call to fire, law enforcement, or a medical response team, members can optionally call PMC Patrol and our patrol officers may respond to the area to assist or observe and record information to assist law enforcement in their response or potential investigation if requested.

If you are not sure which agency to call to report a non-emergency activity or incident, you may contact PMC Patrol for assistance. Here are a few examples of situations that should be reported directly to 9-1-1, the Kern County Sheriff’s Office or the California Highway Patrol; Fire, crimes in progress, traffic accidents, Vehicle Code violations (not specific to PMC rules), gunfire, domestics/domestic violence, civil cases (including restraining orders and landlord/tenant disputes). PMC Patrol does not provide services to the local Commercial Center.

If you would like to authorize PMC Patrol to enter onto your lot for the purposes of verifying that your home is secure, or investigate for any suspicious activity or situation observed or reported by you, a patrol officer, or a neighbor(s), that could result in fire, theft or damage to your property, please click here.

A “Lost and Found” box is located in the Patrol Office. If you believe you have lost something at the Clubhouse, please contact Patrol for more information.

PMC Emergency Contact Numbers


  • PMC Patrol – (661) 242-3857

  • PMC Fire Station – (661) 242-3702

  • Clubhouse 24-hour line – (661) 242-3788

  • Kern County Sheriff (661) 245-3440

  • Poison Control – (800) 222-1222

  • Bakersfield Memorial Hospital – (661) 327-4647

  • Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital – (661) 253-8000

  • Hall Ambulance, Frazier Park, non-emergency – (800) 924-4882

  • PMC weather & roads – (661) 242-4017

  • Local weather cams:

  • CHP Traffic Accidents – (661) 334-3913/864-4444 (weekends, 864-4400)

  • CHP Road Conditions/Highway Info – (800) 427-7623

  • Electrical Outage/Powerline – 800-611-1911

  • US Forest Service – (661) 245-3449

Click here for Forest Service website

  • Kern County Animal Control – 661-868-7100
  • Mil Potrero Water Company – (661) 242-3230

Please click here for the Mil Potrero Mutual Water Company website.

Water Company pager/emergency – (661) 631-7180

Please click here for the Pine Mountain Club Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) web page
You can email the PMC Patrol Chief at