Pine Mountain Club

The Pine Mountain Club Property Owners Association (PMCPOA) is a mutual benefit, nonprofit corporation. As such it is organized in accordance with various sections of the Davis-Sterling Common Interest Development Act (as it is incorporated into various sections of the California Civil Code) and the California Corporations Code. In addition to the sections governing the organization of a corporation, the §7000 series and §5000 series of sections apply directly to our kind of corporation.
The Articles of Incorporation of this Association were filed in the office of the Secretary of State of the State of California in 1975. It constitutes the founding document of the corporation. This corporation was formed under and is subject to the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs).
Our Association is governed by a set of Bylaws, originally adopted by the incorporators and subsequently modified by amendments adopted by the Board of Directors and ratified by the members or adopted directly by the members.
PMCPOA is run by a nine-member Board of Directors elected by the members. Three members are elected each year for a three-year term. The Board is charged by law with the operation of the Association, through which it enforces the CC&Rs to preserve and protect Association assets and the rights of the owners of private lots within the development. Membership in this Association is automatic as soon as one purchases a home or lot in the development. Use of association facilities requires members to carry a membership card.
Pine Mountain Club offers delightful full-time living and fun-filled, relaxing weekends and vacations. Located in a spectacular mountain setting just 90 miles north of Los Angeles, it is surrounded by 1.7 million acres of old forests that shelter an array of flora and fauna, including the rare California Condor, through it’s ever-changing four seasons. We invite you to share it with us.