Governing Documents Committee

Purpose: The Governing Documents Committee acts as an advisor to the Board in all matters involving the association’s governing documents. The committee also prepares and proposes revisions to the governing documents to reflect changing conditions within the association and changes to the California codes.

Please click here to view the Governing Documents Committee charter.

The Governing Documents Committee meets the first Saturday of the month at 9:00 a.m. in the Pool Pavilion.
Board Liaison: Bill Lewis II
John Cantley
Vice Chair: Patrice Stimpson
Secretary: Grace Wollemann
Members: Connie Baldin, Mary Hansen, Shirin Murphy, Alicia Rogers, Rick Throckmorton
To view archives of approved Governing Documents Committee meeting minutes, please click here.

To view an informational pamphlet about PMCPOA Governing Documents, please click here.