The Golf Club

Pine Mountain Golf Club

Pine Mountain Golf Club was formed to stimulate interest in the game of golf at PMC, to promote the game of golf in the true spirit of the honorable traditions, to enforce uniformity in the rules, to maintain a uniform system of handicapping and to afford a convenient and authoritative body to govern tournaments and other golfing events at PMC.

Membership in the Pine Mountain Golf Club automatically enrolls you into the Southern California Golf Association (SCGA), which provides you with a Golf Handicap and Information Network (GHIN) number. This establishes your golf handicap. It also allows you to post scores anywhere (our course, other courses or from your computer). PMGC welcomes new membership applicants.

Anyone interested in joining the Golf Club just needs to go to and click on "Join a Club." Pick the Pine Mountain Golf Club from the choices, and pay with a credit card. It is fast, easy and convenient.

Social memberships, as well as club memberships available to those who aren't property owners, are also available. The latter need to be sponsored by a club member. Those applications are correct as presented on the current PMCPOA website. To apply for one of these memberships, please click here for the application.

For more information, call the PMC Golf Pro Shop at 661-242-3734.