Current Class Schedule

Rise and Shine with SunJay, Somatic Movement for Body, Mind & Soul
This class meets Mondays from 10-11am. SunJay weaves together many healing modalities from her extensive background in dance, music, meditation, breath work and yoga. Please bring a mat, blanket and water bottle. Sarah-Jane Owen, aka ʻSunJay,ʼ is a shamanic healer, internationally certified yoga instructor, vibrational sound practitioner, aromatherapist and plant intuitive. Cost is $5 a class, payable to the instructor. Visit for more information. Please click here to view the flyer.

Low Impact Cardio Class

A Low Impact Cardio Class with Charlee will be offered on Wednesdays from 10-11am in the Condor Room beginning Oct. 11. This is a joint-friendly workout with easy-to-follow dance moves to exercise the whole body. Use of light weights and resistance bands is optional. Cost is $32 for an 8-class punch card or $5 for drop-in. For further details, please click here to view the flyer. 

Yoga with Deb

Yoga classes are every Tuesday and Thursday at Noon in the Condor Room. $5 per class, payable to the instructor. Please bring a yoga mat. Cost is $5 a class, payable to the instructor.

Core Conditioning
A new class focusing on abs taught by Shawna Rust. The class takes place every Thursday in the Condor Room at 2pm. (Please note that the class will be dark in November and December.) This class targets all muscles of the core-abs, obliques, lower back, pelvic floor, spine, glutes and diaphragm. The benefit of this is reduced lower back pain, improved flexibility, increased stability and correct posture. Bring a mat and water. Cost is $5 a class, payable to the instructor. Click here to view the flyer.

Tai Chi Class
A Tai Chi class is offered at the clubhouse three times a week. Cost is $20 a class, payable to the instructor. Please click here to view the flyer.



Other fitness opportunities in PMC


Pine Mountain Club has a walking/running fitness trail with par course exercise stations available for use to all residents. There are also endless trails throughout the forests surrounding PMC.