Equestrian Center

The PMC Equestrian Center offers a range of services to horse owners. The center offers different levels of boarding and a whole package of in-house fee services.
Special events are sometimes held at the Equestrian Center, including a big open house every other year and the Halloween Barn Bash. Call (661) 242-2400 for more information about events or the center in general. Please leave a message if you get the voicemail and someone will call you back shortly, or you can send an email to Equestrianmgr@pmcpoa.com.

Rental String

PMCPOA regrets to announce that there are no trail rides at this time due to circumstances beyond the control of the vendor and the Association.
Trail Ride Pricing:
1 Hour -- $50 Members and Guests
1-1/2 Hours -- $65 Members and Guests
2-1/2 Hours -- $85 Members and Guests


To view the complete set of Equestrian Center Article 11 Rules, please click here.



Equestrian Center Fees


(prices per month)
Barn Stall – $255.00 Members/$265 Guests
Pipe Corral – $230.00 Members/$235 Guests
Pasture – $185.00 Members/$190 Guests

Services for boarders

(prices per service)
Turnouts – $6.00 Members/$7.00 Guests
Grooming – $10.00 Members/$11.00 Guests
Bathing – $27 Members/$28 Guests
DG or Sand – $35.00 Members/$36 Guests
Farrier Assistance (trim) – $15 Members/$16 Guests
Farrier Assistance (full) – $25 Members/$26 Guests
Hoof Care – $10.00 Members/$11 Guests
Supplemental Feed – $5.00 Members/$6.00 Guests
Fly Spray – $4.00 Members/$5 Guests
Extra Alfalfa Hay (per flake) – $5.00 Members/$6.00 Guests
Blanketing – $8.00 Members/$9.00 Guests
Lunging – $20.00 Members/$21 Guests
Veterinarian Assistance -- $15 Members/$16 Guests
Medical Treatment (Per Vet) -- $20 Members/$21 Guests
Medication -- $5 Members/$6 Guests
Afternoon Feeding -- $5 Members/$6 Guests
Hand Walking (Per Hour) -- $15 Members/$16 Guests
Vet Wraps (Owner Provides) -- $10 Members/$11 Guests
Overnight Board (Per Night) -- $24 Members/$25 Guests