Community Resources

Pine Mountain Club is a remote community, but it offers many resources that help with daily living in the mountains or during weekend visits or vacations here. A commercial center offers a variety of restaurants, shops and realty agencies, as well as a local market for basic grocery items. There are also many cottage industry businesses that serve the residents. A small post office operated by PMCPOA fills the community’s postal needs, there are two churches in PMC and a K-7 charter school on the west end of town offers a local schooling option. There’s even a dog park to keep the four-legged residents and visitors happy.
For a list of community services, please click here.

Radio Safety Net Program

PMCPOA has implemented a new Radio Safety Net Program to connect volunteers with neighbors in need during emergencies. To view details about the program, please click here or call the general information number at (661) 241-3754.

PMCPOA Radio Station AM 1610

During inclement weather when the power stays on, you can tune into PMCPOA’s radio station, AM 1610, for regular updates, or call 242-3857 after hours for current conditions. The radio station is updated every night around 3-4 a.m. with current weather and road conditions, and more often if we are having a snowstorm because the situation can change quickly. It’s a good idea to keep a transistor radio in the house that operates on batteries in case of a power outage.

Ready Kern Notification System

To sign up for Ready Kern, Kern County's emergency notification system, please visit or the express sign-up page here.

Let's Live Local/Wood Pellets

Let’s Live Local (LLL), a Mountain Communities nonprofit, is an organization dedicated to life on the mountain.

Each year, LLL offers Golden Fire wood pellets delivered to your home during the cold months. To order 2 tons (100 40-pound bags) on two 4x5 pallets, contact Vicky at 661-242-6988 with your name, phone number and cross streets. For individual bags of Golden Fire wood pellets, contact Debra at 310-704-9020. Pay by check, cash or Venmo.
There are several hundred PMC residents ordering wood pellets as of the winter 2023 season; street-designated orders will begin in August 2023.