Budget & Finance Committee

Purpose: The Budget & Finance Committee’s role is to advise the Board of Directors on all material aspects of the association’s financial reporting, control and audit functions.
Please click here to view the Budget & Finance Committee charter.

The Budget & Finance Committee meets the Wednesday prior to the monthly Board of Director’s meeting (which is the third Saturday of the month) at 5:00 p.m. in the Condor Room (and typically via Zoom, though the Zoom meeting is canceled on May 15, 2024).

May 15, 2024 Notice:
Budget and Finance Committee meeting tonight at 5pm in the Condor Room.
Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Zoom portion of tonight's meeting is cancelled. The meeting will be held in-person only.
Updates to PMC financial reporting will be provided by the Treasurer during the board meeting on Saturday, May 18th, starting at 8am.

Board Liaison: Ellen McClellan
 Elizabeth Gower
Vice Chair: 
List of Members: Robert Rachins, Cliff Penick, Ewa Lapinska, Leslie Branda

To view the video of the Budget & Finance Reserve Study Town Hall held in September 2023, please click here.

To view archives of approved Budget & Finance Committee meeting minutes, please click here.

To view an informational pamphlet about PMCPOA Budget & Finance, please click here.