Lampkin Park, Lockhart Native Plant Garden, and Fern’s Lake

Lampkin Park

Lampkin Park, located between Mil Potrero Highway and Askin Drive, provides recreation opportunities for everyone from toddlers to grandparents.

A full-size baseball field accommodates T-ball and Little League baseball as well as adult softball leagues. Young children enjoy burning off energy on the playground equipment as well as in the open grass areas. A grassy knoll and covered picnic areas provide lovely spots to relax. Adjacent to the park is a nature garden maintained by volunteers.

Barbecue and picnic areas can be reserved for private parties. Call the Business Office at (661) 242-3788 for information and pricing on Lampkin Park’s facilities.

Bocce Ball at Lampkin Park

Bocce ball is available in Pine Mountain Club! After many requests to install bocce ball courts, our staff worked hard to build two courts, which are the newest addition to Lampkin Park. Bocce ball is quickly growing in popularity. Its gives people who might not have time or physical ability to play a round of golf to stay active in a fun competitive sport. Feel free to bring your own set and come down to the park to check it out. We do have a set available to check out from the Rec Room as long as you have a member or guest card.
Photo of Bocce Ball courts

Lampkin Park

Public bathrooms are available for members and their guests.

General park use is free for members and their guests. Please have membership or guest cards with you when visiting the park, and observe that no dogs (except service dogs) are allowed. 

Lampkin Park
Lampkin Park

Lockhart Native Plan Garden

The Lockhart Native Plant Garden is located across Mil Potrero Highway from the PMC clubhouse parking area and west of the Community Garden. The LockhartsThe Native Plant Garden was originally started in 1999 by residents of Pine Mountain Club, who were interested in providing a native garden that would display local natives for the enjoyment and education of residents and tourists. For 15 years, Mary Ann and James Lockhart managed the garden with loving care. They ended their Sierra Club-led hikes at the garden so they could talk about the plants. A few years ago, the garden was named in their honor.  
Over the past several years, the garden has been revitalized with the help of volunteers and a GoFundMe campaign. Plant signs were replaced, and brochures were developed and printed. There are now more than 40 plant species identified, with more appearing all the time. Come take a stroll through this little slice of PMC paradise.

Current Project, Spring 2024

Lockhart Native Plant Garden needs your help! Half of its fencing is nearly 20 years old and some of the rails are in need of replacement. Also, new plants and a new garden hose needs to be purchased. Please help by donating to the GoFundMe campaign at
  Lockhart Garden sign   volunteer working in garden

Fern's Lake / Fishing

Catch and Release Fishing

Fishing Poles Available for Check-out

The Rec Dept. has extra fishing poles for adults and kids to check out if you want to fish in Fern's Lake. (Reminder: it's a catch-and-release lake.). Just bring your member or guest card to the Rec Room between 12-5pm to check them out. Your card will be returned when you bring back the poles.

May 17, 2021

Notice: We have been receiving reports of people fishing and keeping the fish. Please release the fish; Fern's Lake is catch-and-release only. Also, there are reports of people fishing with human food as bait, including hot dogs and casseroles. Please use traditional bait only, like worms & flies. Human food is not healthy for fish. And please do not leave food of any kind laying around at the lake; this can attract bears. Thank you.

Reminder: No fishing or partying at Fern's Lake after the gate is closed at dusk.

Fern's Lake / Fishing

Beautiful Fern’s Lake offers not only relaxing scenery and picnic areas, but catch-and-release fishing from its banks. The lake is home to a variety of species — such as trout, bluegill, bass and catfish to name a few. There are even a few red-eared slider aquatic turtles living in the lake. This spot is a very relaxing place to spend a summer or fall day.

Winter Photo of Fern's Lake by Lori Harmon

Radio-Control Boats OK on Fern’s Lake

The use of battery- or wind-powered RC boats is permitted on Fern’s Lake from 8 a.m. to dusk. This activity is open to all ages, but children 12 and under should be under the supervision of adults. 

To view Article 13-14 of the Association Rules pertaining to Lampkin Park and Fern's Lake, please click here.

Fern's Lake / Fishing
Fern's Lake / Fishing