Where is our pride in where we live?

From the General Manager

I am struggling with writing this but I feel it is necessary. On a recent evening I decided to go for a walk down Freeman Dr. I had seen some trash on the side of the road that needed picked up so I brought along a plastic bag and gloves. Little did I realize while walking down Freeman from Bernina to Birchwood how much trash I would pick up. By the time I got home the plastic bag was filled to the top and I couldn’t even tie the bag due to the large amount of trash that was picked up.

I picked up 12 bottles of airplane size liquor bottles, lots of broken glass shards, broken pieces of plastic, tile, paper and to my surprise over 70 cigarette butts. Along with 3 poop bags full of, you guessed it, dog poop. I was really saddened that my neighbors, our guests, and members would think it is OK to throw out trash on the side of the road. I was especially sad to see how little people care about the environment we live in, no conscience thought to starting a forest fire, burning our homes down and most importantly a fire could cause loss of life. I am glad to see people use the poop bags to pick up after their dogs, but how about not throwing them into the brush but take it home and throw it in your trash. Our mountain community, which many of us love is not a trash can.

The office sends out email blasts often. I always see a note that says please, do not throw out your cigarettes due to the dryness of the forest. We are entering into a bad drought year. Fire is always a great concern from now until November.

Have you driven down the 5-fwy and commented on all the trash along the freeway? I know I comment on it every time. We pay some of the highest taxes in the country and our freeways are dirty and filthy with all sorts of trash. More and more trash is seen along Mil Potrero Hwy and Cuddy Valley Road. Coming into PMC I notice beer cans everywhere. Where is our pride in where we live?

I know all of us can do better.

K.L. Shulman, General Manager & COO, PMCPOA, Inc.
(661) 242 3788