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Thank you for your submissions to the Complaints, Concerns and Compliments Box. It takes a village to run a village, and your care and concern help keep PMC the wonderful place we love.

Look for responses in the Condor. Please be sure to include your contact information. While your name will not be published or posted, we don’t respond to anonymous submissions. If you don’t see your entry and response right away, look again in the next month’s issue of the Condor — you may have missed the monthly editorial deadline, so your submission will appear the following month.

If you have a concern that involves maintenance, sanitation or safety issues, or is of a confidential nature, please contact the Business Office immediately at 661-242-3788. Thank you!

Pine Mountain Club Property Owners Association (PMCPOA) Privacy Policy:

PMCPOA is collecting information directly from its membership and residents for the purposes of keeping current contact information on file in its Business Office should there be an emergency, and for the purposes of announcing upcoming events. The personal information we are collecting is limited to names, title information (if the resident is a property owner), addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, car make, model and license plate number and emergency contact information. You may update or change your information any time by contacting the PMCPOA Business Office at 242-3788. If you would like to opt out of receiving email notices of events, you may do so by contacting the PMCPOA Business Office. We wish to assure the members and residents of Pine Mountain Club that PMCPOA will never, under any circumstance, sell, trade, loan or rent the personal information provided here to outside entities. We do not use Internet cookies (small text files placed on your computer by a website you visit) to collect or store data. We are committed to protecting the security of your personal information. If this Privacy Policy changes in any way, PMCPOA will notify the residents by posting the changes on this website. For further information about PMCPOA’s Privacy Policy, contact Communications Manager Ronni Wilde at