Booking Special Events In Pine Mountain Club

Pine Mountain Club offers varied venues that can be rented by the public for many types of special events subject to the PMC Facility Use Policy. Venues include a large meeting room (the Condor Room), a small meeting room (the Pool Pavilion), The Condor Lounge, the Recreation Room, Lampkin Park, which includes a picnic area, the campground and selected natural outdoor spaces that are forested, grassy or lakeside. Examples of events that can be booked are meetings, weddings, catered dinners, family reunions, club events and many others. The golf course provides a lovely setting for a summer wedding.

Members may reserve the use of PMC facilities for themselves and their guests. Here is information on how to do so. Information can also be obtained in the Business Office at  (661) 242-3788.

Facility Use Fee Schedule

Facility Use Application

Waiver and Release of Liability and Indemnity Agreement