Ad Hoc Committees or Task Forces

As the need arises, the PMCPOA Board of Directors will form ad hoc committees or task forces to address specific areas of concern. Currently, there is one such task force:
The Clubhouse Task Force
Chair: Brent J. Bennet
Meets: Every second Saturday at 1 p.m. in the Condor Room, through June.
All are welcome to attend.
Here is the most recent information, published in the April 2018 Condor newsletter:

Clubhouse Task Force Offers Ongoing Updates

Brent J. Bennet, Clubhouse Task Force Chair
The Clubhouse Task Force had its third open meeting, which once again was very successful. The task force members quickly reviewed the past meetings and moved on to how much area was going to be needed with the potential clubhouse remodel, and where the space would be coming from. Gwynne Pugh, architect, had some beautiful slides of overlays showing the spatial needs on the current areas where they would be located within the clubhouse complex. James McGarry, another architect in the task force, echoed Gwynne’s presentation.  
The meeting ended up with questions and comments from the audience regarding those spatial needs and about how much it was going to cost. Since there is no definitive design as yet, all that could be said was a very general estimate of from $200 to $300 per square foot. The Task Force will be more price exact as they proceed with a definitive design and the processes of how each step fits into the whole program.
There seemed to be a very positive attitude in the audience. The task force meets monthly as noted above. All PMCPOA members are invited to attend and ask questions.